Our management assessment methods

On demand, we can also apply extended aptitude assessment methods to better gauge the suitability of outside candidates and the potential of company employees.

We use scientifically validated HOGAN® tests to assess a person’s potential, values, and personality-based performance risks. Such supplementary assessments are coordinated closely with our clients. An added benefit of personality analysis is that it yields recommendations regarding examinees’ training and development needs. These questionnaires are administered via an encrypted Internet connection. Standardized assessment reports are sent out promptly, and we provide personal feedback to every examinee.

  • // Manager Appraisal

    Our manager appraisal assesses personality traits that have a bearing on job performance and the company’s business success. Combining various assessment center techniques and tailored to the given demands, this test examines a personality from different perspectives to gain an understanding of its overall structure. The results provide the insight we need to make statements about a candidate’s job fit or individual development potential. This can serve to identify a future key player or top performer, and define appropriate career development measures for the examinee.

  • // Management Audit

    Our management audit reviews and rates management skills, development potential, and a management team’s collaboration within the given organizational structures. This analysis takes each company’s unique organizational facets and business practices into account. The audit can serve several purposes, for example, to improve collaboration among executives, systematically analyze management potential, or optimize the composition of a management team. The results can also provide the intelligence senior executives need to make informed decisions regarding further measures such as training, promotions, restructuring, and hiring.

  • // HOGAN

    Tailored to the business community’s needs, these assessments aim to identify personality traits.


    The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) deals with the strengths of a personality and assesses important factors beneficial to the success of professional and social relationships. Derived from the HPI’s findings, the Potential Report describes the impression a person makes on others and predicts day-to-day job and leadership performance.


    The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) looks at the dark side of personality. The test results yield a Challenge Report that describes a person’s likely response to growing pressure, stress, or insecurity. It also predicts behavior that could inhibit the career and helps identify interpersonal relationship issues that are not easily spotted in interviews.


    As its name suggests, Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) deals with personal motives and values. It describes what the individual would like to do rather than what he or she actually does in certain situations. Derived from the MVPI, the Values Report affords insight into a person’s suitability, for example, if he or she is a good match for the company or team.

    The Procedure

    All test candidates get an ID and a password with which they can log in and answer questions via an encrypted Internet link. One of our HOGAN-certified consultants provides feedback on the test to the examinee.

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