Skilled at seeking, screening, selecting, and assessing

Our mission is to provide the best consulting available to help clients recruit managers and specialists. Applying sound methods that have proven their merits in the field, we systematically seek, screen, and select to identify new candidates best suited to the given job, and assess the potential of our clients’ current staff.

Our executive search comprises three phases:

  • // Preparation

    Experience teaches that a successful executive search starts with a structured analysis of the company’s situation and environment, and continues with the drafting of a detailed requirement and suitability profile. With this information in hand, we can define a suitable search strategy, assemble a project team, and coordinate with our client to create a timetable for the project.

  • // Execution

    Targeted headhunting efforts or personnel ads serve to establish contacts with candidates. Our selection process commences by giving candidates careful consideration using meticulous screening methods. Next we conduct semi-scripted interviews, vetting personally those candidates deemed best suited for the position. The process culminates in a comparative assessment. We can also perform a HOGAN ® Assessment to further validate our aptitude rating. Of course, our screening process includes discrete reference checks. Prior to every interview, we provide our clients with a confidential written briefing summarizing the assessment and profiling the candidate.

  • // Follow-up

    Our follow-up service entails coaching, mentoring, and feedback sessions to help hired candidates make a smooth transition. And we will be happy to advise you if you wish to learn more about induction practices.